Development & Construction Support


During the development phase of any substantial project, there are timely considerations that can have an immediate financial impact and decisions that affect the operational performance throughout the life of the facility.
The Eland Hospitality Group team has extensive experience in a wide variety of projects, providing owners and investors with knowledgeable assistance as they navigate the initial phases of a planned development.

If one of our brands has been selected by the client, our team of professionals assesses and ascertains that the construction requirements are practical in the local marketplace. Do they add expense for ownership without providing any tangible upside to the operation? Are the operating requirements in the Hotel Management agreement (HMA) of the brand causing unnecessary construction expense, for example requiring a twenty-four hour room service facility in a market with no demand for the service?
If other specific facilities and physical amenities are required by either the construction specifications or the Hotel Management Agreement, do they make sense in a value to expense consideration?

In the construction phase, our experience will protect the ownership from both unnecessary expense and delays by carefully reviewing the construction documents in advance of the actual work. We have established it to be a fact that it is much easier and less expensive to correct an issue with a pencil and eraser at the front end, rather than with jack-hammers and concrete saws after the work has been completed.

We can also assist in the identification of the often overlooked costs of professional fees, contingency, operating supplies and equipment, attic stock, freight and sales tax.
Very often what looks like a beautiful and thoughtful design can turn out to be an operational nightmare. Items as seemingly obvious as: How does the staff enter and leave the property? Where are staff restrooms located? How does product enter the building and refuse leave? Which way do doors swing? These and several other often overlooked areas can be disastrous if missed in the construction plans.

By meeting on a regular basis with the construction team, our staff can help find simple, effective solutions to the inevitable questions that arise during construction, all while protecting the ownership’s financial investment and helping keep the timeline for the project moving ahead.

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